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At Cornerstone Property Services, we know that needing a repair request can be inconvenient and a burden. We work with you to get them handled in a timely manner.

Cornerstone Property Services Maintenance Philosophy: Address immediate needs with experienced, trained professionals 24/7. Implement preventative maintenance programs to reduce costly future expenses. Provide continual training for our maintenance staff.


Listed below are some common maintenance issues and some helpful maintenance tips that you can perform. By taking these steps, for example, you can help to avoid taking time off from work to schedule a repairman and to potentially avoid unnecessary bills to your account.

Garbage Disposal Problem

  • Try to reset the switch. It is usually a little red button underneath or on the side of the garbage disposal.
  • Check for a blockage in the sink or blades. Make sure the disposal is off and unplugged before putting your hands down the sink to check for blockage.

Clogged Sink

  • Check to make sure that there is not anything visible blocking the drain.
  • Try a common household solution such as Draino or Liquid Plumber.
  • Remove old food from the kitchen garbage disposal and pour hot water down the drain.

Electrical Problems – Electrical Plugs & Switches

  • Sometimes the electrical breaker outside may “trip” Check the Breaker Panel to see if any of the breakers are flipped off. If so, then flip them back on and see if that works.
  • Make sure that the light bulbs are replaced.
  • Check the GFCI’s (these are usually located in the bathrooms, kitchen, and garage. One or more of them may be “tripped” and just needs a reset.) So Just push the reset button and re-test the switch or plug again.
  • Contact the SRP or APS to see if there is a power outage in the area.

Hot Water Heater Problem

  • Electric Hot Water Heaters are a little different from the gas hot water heater. If it is an Electric Hot Water Heater – check to see if the fuse in the electrical box and make sure the fuse is ON. Also, check the valve on the water heater to make sure that it is also ON. If one, or both are OFF, then the water heater will not work.
  • Gas Hot Water Heaters are different than Electric. If it is a Gas Hot Water Heater – look to see if the pilot light has burned out. You may need to contact South West Gas so they can send someone out to turn on your Gas and light the pilot light.

Stove Problem

  • Often, the connections on the burners need to just be adjusted.
  • Check the connections at each element to make sure that they are not disconnected, loose or corroded. If so, remove the element, clean the ends as best as possible and plug it back in again to fix the issue.

Washing Machine

  • Make sure the washer is plugged in.
  • Make sure that the lid is closed all the way on the washer


Please submit your maintenance request using the form below. For after-hours resident emergencies only, please call your leasing office or manager and submit a work order through the form below.


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